After stunning 90,000 spectators during Odysseo’s run in Irvine, which ended early April, the equestrian show’s producers announced today it will be back to call SoCal home for the 2016 holiday season. Odysseo’s White Big Top, the world’s largest touring tent, will be erected again later this year at the same site – the junction of the I-405 and the SR-133 in Irvine. The first show of Odysseo’s holiday run will be November 16, with matinee and evening performances scheduled through January 8, 2017. Tickets for the newly added dates are now available at www.cavalia.net or by calling 1-866-999-8111.

Odysseo is the new adventure by Cavalia and is by is by far the biggest touring production on earth, featuring 68 majestic horses and 45 highly-skilled riders, acrobats, dancers, and musicians (plus an army of crew members and technicians). The traveling show’s White Big Top, which will stand 125-feet tall and covers over 58 thousand square feet is twice the size of Cavalia’s first tent. The new White Big Top is the size of a NFL football field!