Digital Media / Reputation Management

At c3 Communications, Inc., we don’t stop at traditional and social media public relations. c3 believes in taking an integrated communications approach to any campaign, that is why we are also heavy into digital media PR. It is essential for every business, but what is it, what does it mean and why should a business care about it? Digital media is reputation management (think online reviews Yelp, Facebook, Google), bloggers (mom, food, trade etc.), online calendars and even ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) pretty much anything online and that is where c3 comes in as your online public relations expert.

Why come to a PR agency to help with all of this? Because public relations is about crafting the right message for your business’ target audience and getting the word out to increase knowledge and change behavior. Using just anyone has the potential to backfire if this is not done correctly, accurately and on point/message. In addition, a good public relations agency knows the right people to get in front of for your business.

c3 has close relationships with not just mom bloggers but your industry bloggers who will get your message/service/product out to the masses and create the right buzz you need and want. We put you in front of the right people so they in turn can put you in front of their growing followers, helping get the word out to elevate your brand and sales. This will be in the form of online mentions and reviews and no one does this better.

Infusing a digital media platform provides another great way to drive traffic to your website or blog. And almost all social media platforms have ad building tools we can utilize to get the word out to your public that are very effective and affordable. With c3, we create these small ads (with approval from you) and set them up; however, we don’t stop there; we monitor the ads’ effectiveness and make teaks if necessary along the way to get your desired results.

A business’ reputation is HUGE in today’s world especially online where Yelp has become a verb used by everyone visiting your establishment or using your product. Do you or should you respond to that negative review? If so, how should you respond; in public or private? What should you say? How quick should you respond? What about the positive reviews? Each circumstance is different, but c3 will help you navigate and handle these situations to obtain the results your company/business must have which is a win-win for both parties. Whether you are trying to increase your stars/reviews or need someone to stay on top of things, c3 can help you build your online reputation management. We have proven above board techniques that we use to get the positive 5 star reviews and responses your business needs and deserves.

As we always say, let c3 take this very important task off your hands and free you and your team up so you all can concentrate on other things such as running and growing your business.

Please give us a call or email us and let’s talk about how we can help you with your online/digital presence.