17 Feb Boxing Workout with Billy Blanks on Fox 11 LA

c3 Communications, Inc. (c3) was once again hired by TheFitExpo, the largest fitness expo on the West Coast, to promote their 2024 show in Los Angeles. Here is a really fun segment c3 secured on Fox 11 Los Angeles for Good Day L.A. Bob DeCastro was such a great sport and was very impressive! Bob dives into a boxing workout with none other than the legendary Billy Blanks, the founder of Tae Bo. Watch it HERE!

Beyond showcasing Billy’s TaeBo and his boxing skills, the segment showcased how much fun TheFitExpo is for attendees and a preview on what to expect at the show. As you can see it not only generated buzz for the expo but also positioned it as a must-attend event for fitness enthusiasts across the region. People wanted and were excited to come to the show.

With its blend of excitement, energy, and strategic promotion, this TV segment is a shining example of the impact that effective public relations can have in driving brand awareness and engagement in the fitness industry.

Through engaging content and strategic messaging, c3 Communications, Inc successfully showcases its client’s participation in the fitness industry while positioning them as leaders in their field. Viewers are encouraged to tune in, get active, and join the fitness movement led by Bob DeCastro and the iconic Billy Blanks.

If you have an event or want exposure such as this, give a us call or email us today and let’s get the conversation started and get you noticed!