Front Page Story Above the Fold for Veterans Day

Veterans Day PR story

11 Dec Front Page Story Above the Fold for Veterans Day

Every year on Veteran’s Day service men and women from the Navy, who currently serve and are stationed in San Diego, deliver on behalf of Meals on Wheels all over San Diego County on Veteran’s Day to home-bound Veterans.

In 2017, they featured local veteran, Alfred “Al” Torres and tasked us to promote the event. Al is a proud United States veteran who served in the Army – Air Force AND Marines. He is 94 years old. He helped liberate a concentration camp, was in Battle of the Bulge, served in Vietnam – and was also a boxer. For his heroism, Al was awarded the Silver and Bronze Stars.

His story needed to be told. This was one of the major hits we secured for the event. We also had every TV station in San Diego cover it. This was shown on every channel from 4:00 pm through the 11:00 news. We also had it picked up in several places online and social media channels. Talk about a great public relations and social media day.

Getting coverage like this for our clients as well as for this very special man is why we are in the public relations business. We love what we do and love helping our clients tell their stories.  We quite literally take each clients’ mission personally. We believe and feel we are an extension of their organization.

If you are looking for exposure like this for an event, a special promotion, donations or simply for your business, CEO/executives, give us a call. If you have an in house team and want a fresh pair of eyes on what is being done or the direction you are taking with your Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media / Digital media, let’s talk about what we can do for you to help you move the needle and accomplish the goals you want and need.