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01 Aug American Art Festivals Online Market – Thru Dec 31, 2021

The producers of the Sacramento Arts Festival, one of the largest art festivals in the nation, didn’t let the pandemic stop them. They took the festival online to much SUCCESS. With the help of c3 Communications, Inc. they were able to extend the festival beyond Christmas and into the New Year. The success of the show was almost completely attributed to the public relations, social media and online ads conducted by c3. According to the producers, over half of the visitors came from the work c3 performed on their behalf, including social media postings and monitoring as well as strong and very target digital ads.

The online market campaign c3 executed was so successful, the producers are continuing the it under the American Art Festivals Online Market so as not to confuse it with the physical Sacramento Arts Festival October 22-24, 2021 at Cal Expo, Sacramento. The new online market will be held through December 31, 2021. c3 has been retained to continue the public relations and digitalĀ  and social media campaign.