02 Jan Times of San Diego Story c3 Secured on Spirit Free Challenge

Another great hit c3 secured in Times of San Diego for our client The Spirit-Free Challenge.

The Spirit-Free Challenge, which kicks off Jan. 3 then happens every month thereafter, is an effort to help people “transform their relationship with alcohol and become the best version of themselves.” The platform that includes daily meditation/yoga lessons, nutrition tips, a spirit-free recipe book, worksheets, motivational videos, journaling, and a private Facebook support group to connect with other spirit-free buddies who will really keep you accountable. All these resources are wrapped up into a daily program guide for the 30-day course. The program also breaks down a day-to-day roadmap on how to not drink yet enjoy non-alcoholic-beverages and the tools to reboot oneself. The overarching goal of The Spirit-Free Challenge is to help challenge goers change their habits around alcohol to be the best version of themselves, the founders said.

This has all the messaging we created for their target audiences. Such a PR homerun! Check them out and sign up for the challenge if you are looking for a little more balance in your life with alcohol.