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23 Mar c3 Communications, Inc. Announces Affiliate Offices Across The Nation

We are very honored to have been selected to represent the San Diego region for the national strong prestigious PRConsultants Group (PRCG). c3 Communications, Inc. now has affiliate offices in every major city in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The PRConsultants Group is a membership-only nationwide network of experienced, award-winning senior-level PR and communications consultants to companies, nonprofit organizations and industries throughout the United States and Canada.

Founded in 2000, each of the nearly 50 current members of (PRCG) national network has been hand-selected and invited into the network following a formal interview and vetting process. Together, we cover all of the top U.S. media markets, as well as smaller markets across the country. So whether you are looking for exposure right here in San Diego or want to blanket the United States, we are the agency/network you are looking for who can and will get it done at a price competitive to any national agency.

When you access PRCG, you get personalized, targeted service in each local market with the broad reach of a national agency.

PRCG is one-stop shopping for all your marketing communications needs, with a special emphasis on strategic planning and creative execution of media relations, social media, promotions and news events. We also offer crisis management services from experienced senior-level communicators.


When you access PRCG, you get personalized, targeted service in each local market, with the broad reach of a national agency. We are not a loose affiliation. PRCG consists of members who have collaborated on national accounts for years.

Each client has just one point of contact to streamline communication to PRCG representatives nationwide. In this way, we work faster, smarter and harder than most big agencies — while keeping a close eye on your bottom line. And, our rates for professional service fees are very competitive. Whatever your communication needs, we will custom-build the perfect team to work with you to develop and execute your unique PR strategies and tactics.

The members including c3 Communications, Inc., known as PRConsultants (PRCs) average more than 15 years of communication experience and plan and execute programs for local, regional, national and international brands across the communication spectrum. You will choose c3 Communications and get the power of PRCG because we deliver impactful results.

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About the Public Relations Consultants Group

PRConsultants Group (PRCG) is an exclusive nationwide network of about 50 award-winning senior-level public relations and communications consultants working in every sector of every major U.S. media market.

PRCG has a unique business model where small team or large team PR needs can be met to develop and execute communications and public relations projects across the United States. PRCG will custom-build the PRCG team that’s the right for a client’s project, ultimately helping a business achieve its goals. Members execute projects for a bevy of national and international brands focusing on strategic planning and creative execution in media relations, social media communications, promotions, crisis communications management, event development and management and much more. Due to their unique ‘network’ business model, PRCG is able to offer clients competitive, boutique-style rates in exchange for full-service agency benefits. PRCG can be found at or on Facebook and Twitter @PRCGroup.