Grant Press Conference Media Relations

18 Apr Media Relations for a $9.6 Million Grant Press Conference

S Curve Strategies asked c3 Communications, Inc. to help with the media relations for the $9.6 million grant awarded to the Lincoln High School cluster of schools. The local paper, San Diego Union Tribune, did a great job covering it. In addition to this wonderful hit, we secured numerous TV hits and online stories. It was a great success and kudos go out to April Bolduc and S Curve Strategies for a really great press conference.

The grant will pay for 13 electric school buses, four of which are already in use, as well as an electric van, vehicle charging stations, and several electric landscaping tools such as lawn mowers and trimmers. The grant will also pay for electric bikes that some high school students and school staff can use to commute to school.

This will provide much needed green equipment for the school and their students. Read the story