CA Mayors Cyber Cup State-Wide Competition- Feb 23

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13 Feb CA Mayors Cyber Cup State-Wide Competition- Feb 23

Solving the cybersecurity workforce crisis in California is no easy task, but a team of students, teachers, coaches, government officials and business leaders are tackling it through collaboration and outreach to promote pathways that extend from high school to college to the workforce.

More than 200 teams and 1200 students are participating to bring cybersecurity awareness to their communities on February 23 at the California Mayors Cyber Cup (CMCC), which will be held simultaneously in 12 regions across the California.

There will be 27 teams from all over San Diego competing.

The goal is to encourage students to learn about computer security threats by providing an educational venue in which students can apply the theories and practical skills they have learned, and foster a spirit of teamwork, ethical behavior and effective communication both within and across teams.

Local government, educators, parents, community groups and businesses will be attending the event to see the valuable skills students are learning and how the educational pathways can lead to stable, high-paying jobs.

Local dignitaries include:

Poway Deputy Mayor Dave Grosch

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas

Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez